White Is The Lightest Shade of Black Mixtape – Sake One x Black Scale

Music | White Is The Lightest Shade of Back Mixtape | Sake One x Black Scale

DJ Sake One is one of THE most prominent and relevant DJs in the San Francisco Bay Area. A relentless social activist and a terror on the turntables, Sake One has been a staple in the Bay Area music scene for years and is the driving force behind one of San Francisco’s longest running Thursday night parties, Pacific Standard Time (PST) which currently resides at Eve Lounge in San Francisco.

Fashion label Black Scale, also based out of San Francisco, and now with boutiques in LA and NY respectively, have collaborated with Sake One on a mixtape and a t-shirt which will be released in the near future. Sake One shares some insights behind his inspiration and vision for the “White is the Lightest Shade of Black” mixtape,

“When Gil Scott-Heron wrote “Winter in America” in 1973, the US was at a crossroads ~ politically, socially and economically. This song inspired the creation of the “White is The Lightest Shade of Black” mixtape, as we have come full circle and now face another critical transition phase both here and globally. The selection of songs was not intended to directly address socio-political issues; rather, to explore the feelings that the coldest months of the year elicit in all of us. This mix was also inspired by Blvck Scvle’s innovative design work with color, religious iconography, and pop art — the concept that how we view images has as much to do with ourselves as the images themselves. In that respect, this mixtape is a mirror: winter is a time of reflection. Let’s go into Spring strong and clear-minded.”

Any time Sake puts out a mixtape, it’s a must have and a must listen. You can download “White is the Lightest Shade of Black” here, tracklist is below with CD artwork. Enjoy!