5 Minute Freshen Up | Ryan Leslie

Video | 5 Minute Freshen Up | Ryan Leslie

Everything about this video is dope for so many different reasons. First, something you don’t see everyday, a musician playing multiple instruments in studio live by himself. That alone says so much about the extremely underrated talent of Mr. Leslie. As the song comes together, Leslie spontaneously surprises a lucky Twitter fan by picking her up in his Lambo, and driving her back to the studio to witness the vocals and final touches being put on the track. A very unique and impressive way for a star of this caliber to use social media to generate buzz about new music, and generate interest from his fan base.

As if all that weren’t enough, the song entitled “5 Minute Freshen Up” comes together quite nicely to be something that will have you scouring the web for it. Oh, and by the way, rumor has it, Leslie will be gracing Myth Lounge for a special edition of Soul Therapy on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for more details, and enjoy the clip in the meantime.