Soultronica Mixtape | DJ Eko

Soultronica | DJ Eko

Every month, I get an email titled “Eko Notes” from an amazing DJ and good friend from Santa Cruz. Erica Olsen, aka DJ Eko, developed her style and skill on the radio and clubs all over the Bay Area. Recently, she packed her bags and moved all the way to New York to DJ in the bright lights of the “Big Apple.”

Eko chronicles her goings on each month, taking her audiences on a ride of the trials, tribulations, and successes of her life as a DJ. She brings an amazing energy and spirit to everything she does, and it shows when you see her perform live and listen to her music. Her musical tastes are as diverse as they come, and no matter what she’s serving up, it always comes with her own unique touch.

Eko had this to say about her new mixtape Soultronica:
“I love searching out the convergence of soul music and electronic music. It’s one of my favorites. Mutts are so much more intriguing than purebreds! With a pure breed, you know exactly what you’re getting. But with a hybrid, you’re brain goes, “what’s that?”, “how’d that happen? With Soultronica, I did one of the things I do best. I put the sexy on ya. I had to get the dark and dirty out with this one.”

This is so dope, that it’s been featured on’s Mixtape Monday, don’t take my word for it though, download or listen to it yourself (below). Also, be sure to check Eko out at or @ekogirl.