Can’t Get Enough | Rock-It Scientists Remix

Can’t Get Enough Remix | J. Cole x Rock-It Scientists

One of the most prolific DJ/Producer duos in the Bay Area, DJ Guzie and DJ Solarz continue to annihilate tracks at a feverish pace, remixing any and everything in their path. This week they smash J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” with this uptempo, tropical B-More style vibe. This sounds like something you’d hear peak hour, outdoors under the Miami moon.

I’m typically not one for remashing hip-hop and R&B songs into electro club music, but this pair has a solid foundation of musical knowledge that they use to their advantage. Knowing just how to push these tracks to their limits without making them do too much.

Trust me, this will have you hooked in the first 10 seconds. Remixes done right. Check out more from the Rock-Its at Soundcloud and at

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