FML | I’m Back


Soooo, I learned some very difficult lessons while learning WordPress. Just when I thought I had this sh*t down, I was victimized by Russian hackers who felt the need to ruin my harmless little website and got me knee deep in it with Google. Although I wasn’t distributing any malware or anything like that, I learned tough lessons about trying to keep all this stuff secure and updated. I also realized that I need to know when to call for help. Had I called my service provider sooner, I probably could have 1. Gotten my site back up quickly, and 2. Not lost everything I had posted for six months.

The good news is, I am of fresh mind, and a clean slate. And while I’m starting all over again, I’m hoping this time I’ll be a bit more successful. If you happen to stumble across the site, apologies for there not being much here for the time being. But the clean slate also gives me the incentive I need to keep (I mean “start”) creating more original content for the site. And this time around, I’m going to make the effort to blog for someone other than myself.

Here’s to new beginnings.