N****s In Paris | Jay-Z & Kanye West

Video | N****s In Paris | Jay-Z & Kanye West

Fresh off the heels of the Watch the Throne tour, Jay and Yeezy finally get around to releasing the In Paris video. If you attended the show, this will look extremely familiar. If you didn’t attend the show, just watch the video back to back five times (they literally did the song five times at the Tank), and it will be just like you were there.

Honestly, for a song this big, I expected them to go all out and really create something unique, at least I think the opportunity was definitely there for the taking. I mean, if the song was cut in Paris, would it have hurt anyone to hop on a quick Air France flight with a film crew, and rock this out in black & white on Champs-Elysees. Seriously, where the hell was Hype Williams for all this? And since they didn’t shoot anything original (unless an alternate video comes later), why did it take so long to put out concert footage with a few Final Cut Pro effects?

I don’t know, Jay is a father now maybe the time didn’t permit, maybe they blew the whole Throne video budget destroying the $400,000 Maybach in the Otis clip. Are my expectations too high? I’m definitely not in the zone. (steps down from soapbox) Enjoy.